Devilish occulture for the urban witch.

When did we spawn?

Sorcere Launched in August 2016 under the name Trickery, we officially changed our name in February, 2019 to have a matching .com domain. We have fully embraced our sorcerous natures since.

What do we summon?

Sorcere is an alternative apparel, accessories and lifestyle brand. We design and make witchy and gothic clothing, jewellery and a growing range of homeware and lifestyle items! We design coven couture, witch wear and magical items for the modern individual who loves to stand out. All of our items are conjured for comfort with the silkiest of threads and materials. It’s dark and enchanting and perfect for all of your mystical desires.

Where do we hail from?

We are originally from the dangerous and scorching lands of Australia, now we are consorting with devilish design warehouses all around the globe.

Who spawned us?

Sorcere was founded by international designer Ravenna Keith, who traditionally worked with designing hellish goods for other companies and celebrities. She has an affinity for anything dark and spooky, and a calling to create for her fellow witchy cohorts.

Where do we send our magical goods?

We ship to our fellow sorceresses and sorcerers all around the globe! Send us a question if you’re unsure as to whether we can ship to your location.

Join our coven!

Anyone can be a sorceress/er, just summon us by tagging us with you wearing your Sorcere outfit for a feature on our socials #sorcerecoven