Familiars are such a big inspiring part of our dark community that we thought it would be fun to include a list of our favourite spooky names. Find the purrrfect name for your pet below!

Ashes Banshee Absinthe
Beast Batty Alchemy
Binx Buffy Bela (Lugosi)
Blade Carrie Boo
Bones Crystal Catacomb
Church Eerie Cobweb
Demon Elvira Coven
Dracula Hecate Eclipse
Fang Lilith Halloween (Weenie)
Frankenstein (Frankie) Luna Midnight
Ghost Magic Raven
Grimm Medusa Samhain
Hades Mina Spider
Hannibal Misty Spirit
Haunter Moonlight (Moon) Spooky
Jack-o-Lantern (Jack) Morrigan Tarot
Jekyll Morticia Vamp
Knight Mystery Voodoo
Lucifer Mystic Wicked
Lurch Nightingale Zombie
Nosferatu Nyx
October (Toby) Poison
Omen Pumpkin
Phantom Sabrina
Poe Siouxsie
Pugsley Star
Psycho Tarantula (Tara)
Salem Trixie
Scarecrow Wednesday
Shadow Winifred
Voldemort Witchie


Have a name to add to this list? Comment below!

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