Have you seen our brand new designs of leggings? These awesome designs really set off your enchanting outfits. Conjured for comfort, these leggings are perfect for both a comfy night in or dress em' up for a witchy night out. Whatever your style, they'll fit right in.

Melifere wearing her Serpent leggings.

Check out the spellbinding witchwear below!

Alignment Leggings

Walk with the lunar alignment with crescent moons, stars and geometric lines of the Alignment Leggings.

Hellfire Leggings

Summon the fire of your demons. The light of the blazing fire on one side and the dying embers on the other on the Hellfire Leggings.

Serpent Leggings

Sliver towards the starlight. The serpent guides you. Magic snakes on each side, mystic crystals and stars on the Serpent Leggings.

Astromancy Leggings

Feel the astral vibes. Evoke the alchemy and astrological of the universe and let them guide you. mystic symbols and star print of the Astromancy Leggings.

Celestial Leggings

Cosmic witch vibes from dusk to dawn. A vibrant repeat moon, sun and star print on the Celestial Leggings.

Vamp Leggings

She walks with her kindred. The children of the night. A vibrant repeat white on black bat print on the Vamp leggings.

Mary De Lis wearing her Alignment leggings.

What do you think Sorceress/ers? Let us know! Got some wicked pics of you wearing our witchwear? Tag us on instagram @sorcerecoven or send them by email to social@sorcere.com 🖤



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