We are a 100% designer brand and sell only Sorcere licensed ware and designs. We use warehouses/production partners to help ship our wares around the world for environmental reasons and for faster shipping!

Our designs are made on demand, which means that when you place an order, we get making! This process is more environmentally friendly and offers long term stability as we are not using large manufacturing processes and there is little to no waste! However, this process means that we can sometimes take longer to ship than fast fashion companies. We do use the help of printers and by having multiple warehouses around the globe, we have partners that aid in bringing our designs to life, all completely on demand.

Our shipping is divided between our warehouses which are located all over the world. Depending on the items available and your location is how quickly you may receive some or all of your order.

General Processing Times:

Warehouse Location Processing times
U.S 3-7 days
Canada 3-7 days
Latvia 3-7 days
Mexico 3-10 days
Australia 3-10 days
We also partner with Shapeways which is a 3D print manufacturer in the U.S and items can vary to ship from 7-14 days.


Shipping Times:

National  International
3-7 days 10-30 days


Tracking is provided with all orders and is usually shipped via. the national shipping service of the warehouse's location, eg. USPS, Australia Post, etc. If you have an account with us, you can view your shipping and tracking details under your account page.

We do our best to save on environmental resources by making our products on demand and trying to ship them all together, however some items may not be in stock or available in certain warehouses and will need to be shipped separately.

We have actively cut down on the use of plastic in the packing process, however we will use recycled plastics and boxes if and when available within our warehouses. While we have cut down on branding content, we hope that our choices make for a more sustainable future.

While we have warehouses, these are strictly for making our products and shipping, you cannot pick up an order from these locations as of yet.

Price of shipping varies on product, more specific shipping information will be available under each product including pricing.

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