Guardian | Necklace in Black

$47.99 AUD
The stag is powerful, majestic and graceful.
  • A large pendant that presents the skull of a stag and intricate knotted antlers which forms a heart at the center. A pentagram carved into the skull for protection.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel with a black metal coating.
  • Attached to an adjustable 15”-18” stainless steel chain.

A spirit of the guardian to protect you always.

Location First accessory Each additional accessory
Australia $4.99 AUD $0 AUD
United States $14.99 AUD $0 AUD
Canada $14.99 AUD $0 AUD
United Kingdom & Ireland $19.99 AUD $0 AUD
Rest of the world $24.99 AUD $0 AUD

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